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More EVP's taken at the Ferry Plantation

They appear to be saying "I'm so chilled"

EVP'S TAKEN ON 1-10-09

In this evp you will hear an investigator say "Eric if you want to tease the girls you can pull their hair" the answer we get is "NO"

We had just sat down in the parlor. We hadn't officially started the evp session and this is what we got!

More EVP'S

 This EVP is very intersting because it was out of context. The investigator asks "How many children lived in the house and you hear a male voice reply "That flea bagged whore............reverse"

In this one the other investigators are commenting on how cold it is by me and you can faintly hear my name being called twice.



Be on the look out for pictures and EVP's from our investigations at St. Albans, Haldeman Mansion in PA. and The Exchange Hotel in Gordonsville...............

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